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To the Devs: What We're Hoping For
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Author:  [merc]puR.- [ Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  To the Devs: What We're Hoping For

To the Devs,
The last two years have been an everlasting but everchanging two years. From beginning to end we've seen changes. From the textures and texture size of the graphical side of the game to the combat-side mechanics such as recoil, the game has changed from its original overall strata and mechanic to fit this extremely demanding and evolving world of gaming.

The last years have proven without a doubt that AA Devs have what it takes to see the changes needed for the game to evolve with the surrounding gaming environment. The last years have also shown us, without a doubt, that the success with the game relies heavily on the loyal community just as it does the new players in the gaming market it's trying to grab.

While the beta has proven to be a solid build, success with this final release will not come easily and expectantly.

As the old players, we want a solid and gritty game. Matter of fact, we expect it. As the old players, we want something with tact, something that requires more than just snapshotting and crouch toggling. As the old players we are expecting more 6v6 maps with just as much simplicity and tact as Siege or Spring Street. As the wise, we expect flawless combat mechanic. We expect every bullet we fire into an Op to be server side registered. We expect a party system. We expect an anti-cheat engine that works (the community has really been disappointed with the devs for allowing cheating and doing nothing about it upon multiple reports of various players. We understand you have a community to keep, but you also have fairness, that as a Dev, is one of your number one jobs- equality). I guess, when it's all said and done, as the loyal, we EXPECT a clean polished final release.

As the new player, nothing is expected. As this is the case, there's something different that a new player wants to be able to take away from the game and that's the feeling that this FPS offers them gameplay no other FPS does. As a new player, they're looking at the gameplay side more than the polish itself. The new player wants a game that forces them to strategize in real time to the vastly changing conditions of in-game play. The new player wants a sense of unknown while at the same understanding the core nature of why he/she is playing, what their objective is, and how they should be playing and utilizing teamwork. The new player wants something different. The new player has played COD before. The new player has played BF before. The new player might have been a CSGO player or has gamed Halo for console. Regardless of the facts, the new player has seen the generic FPS Run n' Gun before. Being that this is the case, the new player EXPECTS AAPG to offer snippets of gameplay that vary vastly and most importantly the new players want those bite sized pieces of gameplay that gets their heart pumping knowing that an entire round or perhaps an entire match lies in their last life of the game at 25% health when he/she got picked up on exposed balcony.

This is what we want. We want innovation so long as it is not at the cost of a shiny buff and polish. We want something exciting. We want something fair. We want something that is complete. Will you, the Devs, deliver on this two year promise? We will see.


Author:  uni-sol [ Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: To the Devs: What We're Hoping For

you might be construed as wanting a lot.. but i must admit, i quite like the sound of a lot of what you want a lot of too :mrgreen:

nice post :)

Author:  dgodfather [ Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: To the Devs: What We're Hoping For

It's undoubtedly a tight situation. Providing a nice flow of additional content, while maintaining quality is no easy task. Many players have dropped off over the life of this game and it's previous versions. I hope to see that plausibility, confidence and structure resurrected one day. This game or whatever the future might hold.

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