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Author:  ereveton [ Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:41 am ]
Post subject:  AA3 Video guides/tutorials

After doing some youtube searches on AA3 helping videos and finding none,and after another member of the forums posted 4-5 links of videos that didnt show up,i thought it's a good idea to create a "masterpost" with all the helping videos for AA3.If you got any clips,post them here,i'm gonna update this post with the links.Hopefuly this is gonna be a helpfull thread with helpfull links to all of the new guys that join the game.Hooah!

So far we got:

rayworks1988(RayMD) great 320 guides: here , here,here and here

World's Most Wanted's guides:M-320 Basics,Assault Drops,Defense Drops and Universal Drops

Ereveton's 320 Guide on Bridge

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