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Author:  m_hermann [ Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  MOUT Guide

Welcome to Reylin's guide about the MOUT Course. This will focus on taking out every single enemy, tips for saving time and common mistakes. The expected times are made up by me, based on how I managed, and how I have seen others manage the course in various videos.

Some general tips
- Accuracy is determined by how many of the 74 enemies you managed to kill. Even if you miss some shots, but still kill all 74, your accuracy will always be 100%.
- After you finish a section (and the timer has stopped) go back through the area and confirm all the enemies you shot. This takes around 1 second off your final time per enemy.
- Always use your 3 Flashbangs. They stop the clock for a few seconds, allowing you to finish a room before the time even starts running.
- Any enemies that you didn't shoot during the course will add 10 seconds to your time each. This means it is very important to always kill all 74 enemies. Much more important than moving quickly through the areas. Any friendlies you shoot will cost you 15 seconds. The only penalty for ROE is added time, and you can still qualify as expert even if you shoot 1-3 friendlies.
- The sniper is not qualified as enemy, so simply smoke the area and run to the next shooting range.
- Sprint whenever possible while the timer is still running. Especially useful in phase 2 corridors and in phase 1 just before the medic test.
- Remember that the enemy here doesn't shoot you, so don't stop at the door. Rush in straight away and get close to them to make the kills easier.
- Use your BFT (radar) for spotting enemies. They show up as red dots on it.

Phase 1

Take and Hold objective
Enemies - 18

Quick reflexes and a bit of luck can save you up to 10 seconds in this area. Here are some expected times at the end of this shooting range. Of course you don't necessarily need to achieve these times and you can still qualify expert with the average time.

Average - 00:29:00 to 00:36:00
Skilled - 00:25:00 to 00:29:00
Extremely Talented - Below 00:25:00

Shooting Range 2 (through the window)
Enemies - 7

CQB Room to Room
After you destroy the target with the Incendiary Grenade, continue through the door and take out the enemy in the corner. Confirm him along with any of the previously shot enemies in that room.
Go through the door that just opened and take out the first enemy that appears from behind the corner. It's recommended that you sprint through the 2 doors ahead and the first corridor after them. Turn right and take out the enemy directly ahead of you at the window.
NB! There are 2 enemies to your left in this room, outside the windows. This is one of the key places where people lose a lot of time. These 2 are very hard to notice at all unless someone tells you that they are there. Remember, the timer here doesn't stop before you go through the next door to the injured dummy.


After securing all the enemies in the last section, continue to the sim man and apply treatment to complete this section.

The next room has 3 enemies and 1 friendly along with a activated objective.

Here are some expected times at the end of phase 1.

Average - 00:58:00 to 01:10:00
Skilled - 00:46:00 to 00:58:00
Extremely Talented - Below 00:46:00

Phase 2

Room 1
Enemies - 3
Friendlies - 1

Room 2
Enemies - 3
Friendlies - 2

Room 3 (3-way corridor)
Enemies - 6
Friendlies - 2

Room 4 (briefcase)
Enemies - 6
Friendlies - 2
This is where things get a little tricky. There is an enemy hiding in the corner just to the right of the door. There is also a 6th enemy behind the big crate and he appears as you go past the table. Take care of him before confirming any enemies.


Room 5 (2-way corridor)
Enemies - 4
Friendlies - 2
It is recommended that you sprint whenever possible in this area to save a second or two.

Room 6 (dark)
Enemies - 4
Friendlies - 1
Pay extra attention to the enemy hiding in the corner next to the door.


Room 7
Enemies - 2
Friendlies - 1

Room 8 (corridor)
Enemies - 3
Friendlies - 1

Room 9 (upstairs)
Enemies - 3
Friendlies - 2

Room 10
Enemies - 3
There are never any friendlies in this room.

Room 11 (last)
Enemies - 4
Friendlies - 2

Here are some expected overall times (without modifiers), looking at the last clock in room 11.

Average - 01:28:00 to 01:40:00
Skilled - 01:19:00 to 01:28:00
Extremely Talented - Below 01:19:00

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