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A (long) guide to Bridge
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Author:  HerrKaputt [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  A (long) guide to Bridge


Recently I’ve been playing AA3 again, and mostly on my favorite map: Bridge. My favorite mode on this map is Classic Play, and I’ve racked up quite a few hours in it. In those hours (and especially in more recent times) I’ve seen many people, rookies and veterans alike, do many basic mistakes, so I decided to write a guide to this excellent map.

Bridge is, to me, the most unique of the 5 AA3 maps released so far. Unlike all other 4 maps, where you can pretty much move in a full 2D surface everywhere, in this map if you decide to cross the bridge you are quite vulnerable. There aren’t many cover spots in the bridge itself, and you will easily get pinned down. You also won’t have much, if any, element of surprise, since the enemy knows where you are coming from.

Because of all of this, to me Bridge is the map where your brain matters the most, while your reflexes matter the least.

Throughout this guide I will assume that you have ZERO coordination with your team. I will tell you what to do to help your team the most (in particular some basic microphone codes), but I will not assume your team to be well organized. Well organized teams don’t need this guide.

Map Layout

There are a few basic codes to describe specific places in the map. Here is a close-up image of the bridge itself, with the most important locations on it. The “north” and “south” codes are universal. However, “left back”, “left front”, “right back”, and “right front” depend on the point of view. The image shows the appropriate codes for the Defense team, which starts in the South. If you are on the Assault team, “left back” becomes “right front”, etc. Although speaking of "NE corner" would be more precise, the fact is that all players use these codes, so you should know them.


Offline Training

It pays off to spend 5-10 minutes practicing offline in this map. You should practice at least these things:

- SDM spots: know how to get to the patio (which has a great overview of the enemy stairs, part of their tower, the middle area, and two catwalks), the stairs (which has a great overview of the enemy patio, part of their tower, the middle area, and the other two catwalks), and the second floor of your tower (which has a great overview of everything except the two farthest catwalks). Know the coverage of these spots: if one of your teammates shouts “enemy left front!”, you should know where to go to see him.
- Basic Grenadier spots: know how to place a grenade with your M320 (grenade launcher) in the following spots: left front (from anywhere on your side), right front (from anywhere on your side), opposing patio (from your stairs), opposing stairs (from your patio) and second floor of the middle tower (from anywhere on your side).
- Advanced Grenadier spots: know how to place a grenade in the following spots: left back (from your stairs), right back (from your patio) and through the windows of the second floor of the enemy tower (can be done from your patio and your stairs).

Instructions for Defense

Without a doubt, the best place for your team to position itself to defend is at the South end of the bridge. In other words, all or almost all of your team should be at the South Stairs, South Tower, South Patio, or near those areas. However, since this guide is not aimed at a coordinated team but just to you, I’ll just recommend that you stay in those locations.

Only if your team is almost decimated should you fall back to near objective Zulu and make a last stand hidden somewhere, hoping to kill the enemies as they rush to the objective. This works best when the time is almost up (one minute or less).

The instructions for you as a member of the Defense team depend on your role: Rifleman (M4/M16), Grenadier (M16 with M320), SDM (M16DMR -- commonly called the "sniper") or Automatic Rifleman (M249). I’ll cover each of these in detail. There are, however, a few important instructions common for everyone:

- Never rush! You are Defense, so defend, and do it from cover. Rushing will simply get you killed and have your team become outnumbered. A Defense team with 7+ men is VERY hard to beat, as long as those 7 men actually defend.
- Report enemies! No matter what role you are, you should ALWAYS report to your teammates when you spot an enemy. Press Z to pinpoint the location on the map, and use your microphone to report the proper code (“enemy left back”, “enemy middle tower”, “enemy north patio, possible sniper”, etc). This will draw attention from your SDM and Grenadiers to that location.
- Watch the BFT. You should ALWAYS be looking at your BFT (the “map” on the bottom left corner of your screen) to see if all ways to cross the South Bridge are being covered. For example, if both you and someone else are covering the SW catwalk, and you spot that no-one is covering the SE catwalk, go there. Usually, it’s useless to say in the microphone “someone cover the SE catwalk”, so just go there yourself.
- Keep the SDM alive. Your SDM is the most important asset of your team. Keep aware of who he is, where he is, and provide him with medic care if needed. If he dies, go pick up his weapon, and play as an SDM.
- Attack at long range. If you are SDM or Grenadier, pay attention to the reports of your teammates. If you spot an enemy, report his position and use your DMR or grenade launcher to take him down.

Rifleman and Automatic Rifleman

These two roles have similar goals in this map. I’ll be honest, I think the AR isn’t very useful because this map usually requires precision firing, and the M249 isn’t very good at that. Nevertheless, if you play with 12 or 13 players someone will get an M249, and it’s better than nothing.

As a Rifleman or AR you should worry yourself about covering specific angles of the South Bridge. Some of these angles are:

- The access to the SW catwalk (inside the South Tower, under the South Stairs) from where you can cover the SW catwalk and most of the second floor of the middle tower from the darkness.
- The stone pillar on the E side of the access to the SE catwalk (in the South Patio); from there you can cover the SE catwalk and most of the second floor of the middle tower from cover.
- The second floor of the South Tower, from where you can cover the South Bridge and part of both the SW and SE catwalks. However, if the enemy manages to cross, they can sprint towards objective Zulu and you might not be able to catch them. Only go here if there’s at least 2 other men alive on your team.
- The door on the ground floor of the South Tower. Remember to only go there after all your team is in position, otherwise you might obstruct their passage. This is a decent spot to cover the South Bridge itself, and you can very quickly go cover the SW or the SE catwalk.
- Behind one of the pillars on the South Bridge. You should only come here if there are more than 6 or so players on your team actually defending. The advantage of these spots is that you can throw a hand grenade into the “left front” and “right front” spots, and sometimes even into the middle tower. Being behind these pillars provides good overview of the bridge, middle tower and one of the catwalks, but leaves you rather vulnerable to the enemy SDM and grenades.

There are other places to be as a Rifleman or AR, but these are the best in my opinion, combining good cover and good lines of fire.


Pay attention to reports from your teammates. If anyone reports an enemy on one of the “easy Grenadier spots” I mentioned above, you have an OBLIGATION to try to kill those enemies, because your single SDM cannot take out the entire Assault team.

Apart from that, play as a Rifleman.


Right at the start of the round, make your way to one of the good SDM spots I mentioned above. Wait for a little bit to see if you spot enemy movement, and if you do, report it (both by pressing Z and through the microphone) and, if you can, open fire. Personally, I recommend you change position every now and then, between the three spots I mentioned above. Otherwise, the enemy team might realize only one of the flanks is being covered by you and move through other flanks, or obscure your view with smoke. Pay special attention to movement on the North Patio, North Tower and North Stairs: that’s probably the enemy SDM, and it’s a high value target! He will be trying to get you as well.

Remember, you have the only high-power scope on your team. That means you are also the best spotter on your team, so don’t limit yourself to firing: report enemies as well!

Instructions for Assault

Remember that you are now following the location codes for the Assault team. Thus, “right front” means the SW corner of the middle part of the bridge.

Ideally, a well-coordinated team would NOT rush immediately, to try to pick off enemies who do rush. However, that is utopic in most servers, so I will recommend that your team do rush while the enemies are still taking defensive positions.

Rifleman and Automatic Rifleman

As Rifleman or Automatic Rifleman, you should be the frontline of your team. Although you shouldn’t launch yourself into danger mindlessly, you SHOULD rush immediately. It’s relatively safe to rush up to “left front” and “right front” (i.e. the NW and NE corners of the middle part of the bridge): the only enemy that can actually hurt you badly is the enemy SDM. To minimize the chances of the enemy SDM hitting you, rush along the North Bridge itself first, then at about halfway let yourself drop into one of the NE or NW catwalks and move the rest of the distance there. Climb the stairs from the catwalk and move into the NE or NW corners of the middle part of the bridge. Stay well under cover.

From there, the very first thing you should do is look at the opposing corner of the middle part of the bridge. For example, if you are in the NE corner, lean and look at the top part of the SW stairs. This is a good idea because usually a rushing enemy will try to climb those stairs, and he might not have been as fast as you. Take him down easily (he can’t return fire from the stairs).

After waiting a little bit so that a few of your teammates are already on the middle part with you, you should decide what to do. Here are some possibilities:

- If there are enemies also on the middle part of the bridge, your #1 priority is to kill them before doing anything else. A grenade to the opposing corner works very well, but remember to cook it for about 2 seconds.
- Stay where you are. This is probably the best idea if most of your team is behind you for some reason. If you rush alone you’ll just die, so stay here, cover the opposing corner, and wait. In the meantime, tell your teammates to move it!
- Second floor of the middle tower. This is a good idea if many of your team are already at the NE or NW corners of the middle part but are not willing to rush beyond. Throw a smoke grenade to the SE or SW corner of the middle part, and after the smoke is up go up the stairs. From up there you can spot enemies behind the pillars in the South Bridge, and have a decent shot to the South Stairs, South Tower and South Patio, as well as good shots at the SE and SW catwalks. However, you are relatively visible in the second floor itself, so after climbing the stairs stay behind the walls. If you need to go from one side to the other, sprint. You are very vulnerable to M320 grenades here.
- Press forward. Remember, you should only do this if the SE and SW corners of the middle part are clear. If that’s the case, your best bet is to throw a smoke grenade into the South Bridge and sprint through the middle once the smoke is up. The advantage of smoking the middle instead of the sides is that the smoke can also cover part of your team’s advance into the South Bridge itself.

Unless the whole Defense team decides to rush or is picked out from afar, at some point you will have to cross the South Bridge, which is without a doubt the hardest part of the map, where you are more likely to die. You should definitely start your advance by throwing all your smoke grenades onto the South Bridge. If you have one throw it in the center, if you have two throw one to each side, but still on the bridge itself (not on the catwalks). Once the smoke is up, you can do two things:

- Grind your teeth and rush. This works relatively well if the enemy team has few players alive. Start by sprinting on the bridge itself, and drop to one of the catwalks halfway. I prefer to go through the SW catwalk, enter the South Bridge and immediately climb the stairs to the second floor of the South Tower, but the SE catwalk is good as well.
- Advance methodically. If there are still a lot of players on the enemy team, rushing will likely get you killed. In this case, advance more methodically: sprint from cover point to cover point (pillars and wrecked cars). In each cover point, briefly survey your surroundings. Report spotted enemies and, if possible, use grenades to take them out. Once you are about halfway through the South Bridge, lean from behind a pillar to see if there are enemies covering the catwalk. If there are, report them and fire; if not, drop onto the catwalk and proceed.

Once you’ve crossed the South Bridge you can either mop up the remaining enemies at the South Tower, Patio and Stairs, or proceed onto objective Zulu. If there are still other members alive, it’s best to try to clear the enemies here first and go together towards the objective, but other members will not always want to press on with you.


As an Assault Grenadier you should stay a bit behind the Riflemen and Automatic Riflemen, and try to attack spotted enemies with your grenades. However, you shouldn’t stay at the North end like the SDM. If you can reach it, the Middle Tower is a great spot for you: from there, you can place grenades pretty much anywhere on the South end of the bridge.

If and when your team crosses the South Bridge, go with them and act like a Rifleman.


At the beginning of the round, instructions are similar as for Defense. Go to one of the good spots and try to pick out defenders who make the mistake of rushing. As an Assault SDM it is even more important to move from spot to spot to try to find targets.
Your main target is the Defense SDM. If you can take him down, things become noticeably easier for your team. However, you will usually not know whether the guy you killed was the SDM or not, so engage any target that you spot.

Although you have good spots to be in the North side, you should advance to the Middle Tower at some point, when at least 2-3 teammates are already on the South side. When the South Tower is clear, go there and stay at the windows facing South, to check for people camping near objective Zulu.

Unless you are the last man on your team, you should never go close to the objective itself, because that area is mostly close-quarters where your M16DMR is at a disadvantage against any other gun. At best, go directly south from the South Tower and keep cover while your teammates go through the narrow passages behind the South Patio.


- Don’t rush if you are Defense.
- Defend at the South end of the bridge.
- As Defense, pay attention to your map and go cover spots that aren’t being well covered.
- As Defense, keep track of who is the SDM and take good care of him. If he dies, pick his M16DMR up and act as an SDM yourself.
- As Assault (except SDM and Grenadiers), rush immediately, but only until the middle part of the bridge.
- As Assault, after the middle part of the bridge, always advance under cover of smoke.
- SDMs and Grenadiers must pay attention to the map and engage targets at long range.
- Always report spotted enemies, both with the Z key and your microphone. Use the codes I mentioned above, everyone knows them.

Author:  frankof [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

Hooah, nice writeup 8-)
(I like Activated Objective, the confusion is epic until the players figure it out :twisted: )

Author:  HerrKaputt [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

frankof wrote:
Hooah, nice writeup 8-)
(I like Activated Objective, the confusion is epic until the players figure it out :twisted: )

Yeah, but in that mode you either have a relatively full server (at least 8 players per team), or it's very easy for Assault.

In Classic Play I think 5 players per team is enough for a nice game: it's already enough for Defense to defend properly.

Author:  frankof [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

HerrKaputt wrote:
Yeah, but in that mode you either have a relatively full server (at least 8 players per team), or it's very easy for Assault.

It works with 4vs4, but thats a absolute minimum, it takes a little shifting of the spawn points for each round to mix it up a little.
(a bummer when you picked south tower, alone, and the entire assault chose south city :cry: )

Author:  Bozy [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

Nice guide indeed HerrKaputt, if there was a rep button on the forum I'd fire some your way for sure :) Thanks for taking the time and effort to supply a great guide to the Bridge map in "Classic play" mode.

Author:  Sick_Ghost [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

Good job man. This thread should be sticky.

Author:  GroundHighZero [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

Very well written, definitely a good start for anyone new to the map.

Author:  Storm99us [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

Good points. Must have taken hours :-D .

Author:  HerrKaputt [ Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

Not really, I type fast :D

Plus, I had already written most of it a few months back, but then I stopped playing AA3 and never finished writing it.

Author:  HerrKaputt [ Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A (long) guide to Bridge

I just remembered something: if anyone else has other tips for this map that I didn't already put there, or different tactics for dealing with specific parts of it, post here or send me a PM and I'll add it to the first post (and give you credit, of course).

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