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 Post subject: [NA] LF Competitive & Casual Group
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:24 pm 

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Hello, I'm GodsGunman and I'm looking for a group to join for AA:PG.

My gaming background:
I've played games for many years, but the only game I got into the competitive scene with was a game called Cross Fire (the most popular F2P MMOFPS in the world for a few years). I played the game for about 4 years, two of which I was the leader of a clan called OldLegends. Together with a few other people we won a game-wide tournament of which hundreds of clans participated in, you can see the final match here.

I also played CS:GO for awhile, I'm at I think around 200 competitive wins. My highest skill group was legendary eagle master, but it got reset because I didn't play for awhile and now I'm only a distinguished master guardian. I stopped playing cs:go a month or two ago.

My personal life:
I'm 20, I've had a girlfriend for almost 5 years, I go to school for Business Information Technology and I'm specializing in web development. I'm also in the Canadian Infantry Reserves, and am a trained Corporal.

I do have a few requirements, they are as follows:
  • No members younger than 16
  • Must be willing to play competitively (in tournaments)
  • Must have good members, at least some that can beat me
  • No hackers (obviously)
  • Must almost exclusively play AA:PG together (No groups where half the members are playing battlefield/AA2/whatever)
  • Preferably mainly play non hardcore
  • Must be respectful to other gamers
  • Must actually care about their members

I'm pretty decent at the game although I mainly play with random people in pubs so that's not saying much. Most of the time I get scores like 20-5, 15-3, etc.

I'm currently in a group for AA:PG and it has great people, however the skill level just isn't what I'm looking for. I want to be able to get better with whoever picks me up, because I know I'm not as good as I could be yet.

My personality isn't for everyone, but when I find a good group of people and it clicks I'm extremely loyal and will spend my own personal time helping the group if I can. I became semi-famous on Cross Fire because of my weapon reviews on Youtube and this, all of which I made to try and help the community. I also had an interview with one of the publishers of the NA version of the game, and they promoted my guide on facebook and their xfire news.

The truth hurts, sorry about that.

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